So I saw this on TV and now I have to wonder if the Guinness marketing people know what music they actually picked.

Because I know that music as a hymn. 

I just saw this commercial— I may or may not have gotten a little choked up there at the end! Must watch.

—Kathleen xo


A few previews from our photo shoot today! I love that we were finally able to do this :) ♥♡♥


Me and My Airman :)

More engagement photos :D


The most beautiful couple ever


The most beautiful couple ever

"I want you. I want you every second, every minute, every hour, every day. I want you. I want us. I want to wake up every day and see your face and hug you like it’s the first and the last time. I want to drink hot chocolate with you and cuddle under the blanket. I want to be with you every second of my life. I want to travel the world with you. I want to show you all these places I’ve been alone to. I want to take care of you. I want you."
— just me.  (via somedaylovehope)


last year, on homecoming day, i woke up from a restless, short night’s sleep. i got ready to the same song on repeat (“when love comes home” by matthew west). i kept retouching my makeup because my eyes would not stop brimming with tears. all morning, my heart was pounding in my throat. my skin…